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How to move menu location saves to child themes properly

 This action copies old theme's menu location saves to 
 new theme if new theme doesnt have saves before. Helpful for child theme switches
add_action( 'after_switch_theme',  'ajx_theme_locations_rescue' );
function ajx_theme_locations_rescue() {
	// bug report / support:
	// We got old theme's slug name
	$old_theme = get_option( 'theme_switched' );
	// Getting old theme's settings
	$old_theme_mods = get_option("theme_mods_{$old_theme}");
	// Getting old theme's theme location settings
	$old_theme_navs = $old_theme_mods['nav_menu_locations'];
	// Getting new theme's theme location settings
	$new_theme_navs = get_theme_mod( 'nav_menu_locations' );

	// If new theme's theme location is empty (its not empty if theme was activated and set some theme locations before)
	if (!$new_theme_navs) {
		// Getting registered theme locations on new theme
		$new_theme_locations = get_registered_nav_menus();

		foreach ($new_theme_locations as $location => $description ) {
			// We setting same nav menus for each theme location 
			$new_theme_navs[$location] = $old_theme_navs[$location];

		set_theme_mod( 'nav_menu_locations', $new_theme_navs );


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